Ravensburger 23433 Mauseschlau & Bärenstark Around Natural Breeze


  • Two different uses for adding even more fun and variety
  • For 2 – 4 smaller natural Kundler from 4 years
  • Encourages the Merk capability and movement
  • Engaging your ideal for your next Besuch in the woods for domestic animals and plants or in the great outdoors
  • Contents: 48 picture cards, 1 Gyro

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision
‘With “Mauseschlau & Bärenstark” Discover the natural: Gentle Children Suitable for children over 4 years can along with Mauseschlau and Bärenstark on their explorations and supporting, Animals and Plants from you. The game fun and action is stock – Brand New Screen – When the animals Pantomimisch display and loud mimicking… A wonderful way to meet Fauna and Flora interactive pet. With the settings and Mauseschlau and Bärenstark game: Round The Natural “from Ravensburger is playfully develop an interest in for supporting plants and animals. Small Discovery learning tree and soft fruits, flowers, birds, field and forest animals know and can be with the new know may have seen the next trip to the forest show, further. Thanks to the different game variants is very exciting and diverse. First of all is the Gyro twisted, it shows the colour/Category To to the players need to find a picture card. Ever wanted a specific card Aufdeckt, can they keep. Stops the rotor in the category “Mauseschlaue” loud Animal, it is initially a matching card face up, they have been the animal according to imitate the those shown… only once the players the animal sound, there’s this card as a gain. Similar to the same is true for the category of “Bärenstarke motion”: If you have a suitable card found, you’ll get until just after he has little from the photo depending action convincing shown in the pictures. Who can put together, first six cards get wins. Playfully And With A Lot Of Fun And Action Learn Small, those who enjoy nature know Supporting animals and plants and train your memory and concentration. With the Mauseschlau and Bärenstark game: around the nature way for children know Supporting animals and plants and their talent at the Mimic of Tierlauten and movements, anywhere.

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