Host Your Own Eighties Night


  • Audio CD with hits from original artists&
  • CD Quiz Games to help you reminisce &
  • Host’s Guide
  • Invitations
  • Gourmet Guide
  • Name Tages
  • PLUS ‘Pin the Phone on the Yuppie’

Transport yourselves back to the wild and heady days of the 1980s… It was the age of excess, boom and bust, designer suits and filofaxes! Dig out those red braces and pin-stripe trousers, compare notes on mobile phones and then party to electro hits as you sip a bottle of the obligatory designer lager! Included in this pack you’ll find: An audio CD including original hits of the Eighties plus quizzes. Host’s Guide with an introduction to the culture and background of the Eighties, plus helpful tips on how to turn your house into an Eighties-themed penthouse gaff! Games Guide featuring guessing, memory and action games to add fun and laughter to the occasion. Invitations to post out so you can pack your penthouse with Sloane Rangers, New Romantics and Yuppie High-fliers! Period recipes for you to try – easy to prepare in advance. PLUS ‘Pin The Mobile On The Yuppie’ poster game! You and your friends will enjoy a fantastic evening of Eighties fun!

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