BACKPACKER – The Ultimate Travel Game – Fun pocket sized card game about travelling around the world


  • The only game about travelling around the world that is small enough to take with you.
  • Just like traveling, it’s fun, exciting, fast changing and very addictive.
  • Ideal travel game for a family holiday, gap year or big trip and gift for globetrotters, travellers, students and teenagers. Enjoyed by both adults and kids.
  • Constantly changing competitive game that keeps everyone interested. Based on all the crazy events that can happen when traveling the world.
  • Play at home, on your next holiday or big trip and beyond. This card game is essential for anyone who loves foreign travel.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
Backpacker is a fantastic pocket-sized card game for 2 to 6 players. Experience all the fun and unpredictability of travelling the world, as you try to outwit your opponents to be the player who returns home with the most photos. Visit different countries, enjoy beaches, trekking, wildlife and culture, meet other travellers and get good and bad advice, whilst trying to avoid getting sick or missing your plane. No two games are ever the same. Brilliant world travel card game, that fits nicely in a rucksack. Play at home, on holiday or your next big trip. This game is essential for anyone who loves foreign travel. “Test your and others’ travelling nous and amass as many photos as possible with Backpacker, a new card game designed with the globetrotter and armchair traveller in mind” The Independent on Sunday (Get This section). “The perfect gift for someone about to set off on a gap year” The Observer (Gifts section). “Portable, competitive and fun, so stick it in your luggage for fun on the road” Wanderlust (Checkout section) “A great alternative to Travel Scrabble” Real Travel magazine “It has an impulse buy quality because it has all the things that families like in a game – brightly coloured, hard wearing cards and easy to learn rules. A neat game to be popped into your pocket and taken on holiday or to a friend’s house” Games Gazette (Game reviews) “A portable card game inspired by real backpacking experiences” The Sunday Herald (Travel gadgets) “Backpacker is a card game for 2-6 players, revolving around world travel, aimed to appeal to anyone hankering for global meanderings. Just bigger than a normal pack of cards, it’s ideal for chucking in the sack and could result in an impromptu snow-bound refuge card party” Adventure Travel magazine
38 x country cards68 x event cardsrules

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