CyeeLife-Dart Carrying case Transparent Plastic-12 Colours Optional-Suitable for Most Darts


  • When you use it, you don’t have to dismantle your darts will protect your darts from damage the game is over,you can put them back in this holder,How convenient it is darts is not easy to lose and injure yourself or others because of wrong placement. Its great to hold your darts hooked to a belt loop instead of holding them in your hands.
  • Now all colors are upgraded,they are stronger&bigger than before suggest : █ max dia. Of Dart barrel ≤ 0.366 in(9.3mm), the right length (total length with shaft and flight and tips) ≤ 6.5 in(166mm). it can hold most of the darts in the worlduding brass and iron darts you like it, you can order it without thinking,Its the best choice as a dart holder.
  • Different colors have different transparency. White is the best transparency.
  • Its lid is on the top of box, and you can easily open it and put your whole darts in it. The box is translucent and the outer surface is very smooth. Closing the lid and you’ll see your overbearing darts inside.
  • I hope you can like it and use it correctly. Before you buying it, please carefully measure the size of your dart, which is very important. I hope it can bring convenience and happiness to you. I hope you can measure your darts seriously. If you receive defective products, please contact us or Amazon team immediately, and our brand will stay with you all the time.


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Weight 0.0961 kg





‎18.2 x 11 x 2.4 cm; 40 Grams


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