B. toys BX1560Z B. Rain-Glow Squeeze Light-Up Cloud Rattle, Various


  • LIGHT-UP CLOUD RATTLE: Colorful light-up rattle in the shape of a cloud with textured raindrops
  • SOFT GLOW: This cloud rattle glows with the colors of the rainbow. A little shake is all it takes
  • COLORFUL BEADS: The 6 beads create a beautiful rainbow on the handle and a pitter-patter rattle
  • TEXTURED DROPS: Soft and textured raindrops are soothing and safe for little nibblers
  • EASY-TO-GRAB: Handle is easy to grab and hold, even for tiny hands. Shake away little one

A luminous buddy for all the lil’ nibblers in the world… The Rain-Glow Squeeze from B toys is a beautiful glowing rattle that shines with the colors of the rainbow! Just give it a shake to see it glow. A friendly face and a smooth velvety finish on an adorable cloud rattle. Handle is tiny hands friendly, with 6 colorful rainbow beads that make a soft pitter-patter rattle when shaken. Beads also feature lines, dots and patterns, so baby gets to explore and discover multi-textures. Bright hues and squeezy chews. Everything’s brighter with a little rainbow glow. Recommended for babies 3 months and up. Comes with 1 x AAA batteries.
1 x Cloud Teether Toy

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‎12.07 x 5.72 x 16.51 cm; 159 Grams


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