Abacus Game 69161 – BANG! The Bullet


  • Deluxe output in nice metal box
  • Includes all extensions
  • Western action with a lot of atmosphere
  • Game duration: approx. 30 min.
  • Language of instructions: German

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Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
This is a limited special edition of popular Western card game Bang. In a striking jewellery box in shape of a giant cartridge. It contains the bang. – Base game and all released and now, some vergriffenen extensions than ever before.
This cartridge includes:
Bang. – The basic card game
High Noon – The First extension
Bang. – Dodge City. – The Second expansion
A Fistful of Cards – acts like a third extension
2 cards for high noon and three special person cards are also included.
Plus two blank cards and match to create your own ideas and give as a special gift A Shiny Sheriff Star.
Playing Material:
110 Bang cards
64 Dodge City cards
15 A Fistful Of Cards – cards
13 high noon cards
3 New and exclusive personal cards
Two blank cards and match to create your own ideas
2 New Cards For High Noon
1 long New Sheriffs Star
1 Game instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English)

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