4M 406804 Logiblocs – Alarm Tech, Multi Colour


  • Logiblocs is the Electronic Discovery System that helps you understand the world of technology around you as you create your own inventions
  • From Traffic Lights to Super Computers, everything in today’s high-tech world runs by the same principles that Logiblocs demonstrate
  • Inside each Logibloc is a printed circuit board and every block is colour-coded for the function it performs
  • By plugging together logiblocs in different combinations you can create circuits and virtually write your own simple program to build each new invention
  • Fun and engaging, teaching kids to create different devices with creative problem solving

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Amaze your family and friends with this scientific alarm clock building set. This set includes blocks of colours, red indicating outputs, blue logiblocs to send signals, orange blocks are the ‘brain; of the set, and yellow logiblocs for creating signals.

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‎57 x 29 x 45 cm; 260 Grams


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