Jumbo Games Disney Frozen Magical Ice Palace Board Game

by Disney
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  • A beautiful Disney Frozen Game featuring a light up Magical Ice Palace
  • Press on the Magical Ice palace to activate lights and sound effects to play the game
  • Includes light-up Magical Ice Palace, four coloured gems playing counters, dice and Frozen themed gameboard
  • Suitable for 2 - 4 players
  • Suitable for children aged 4+

Elsa has accidentally brought an everlasting winter to Arendelle, trapping all of your favourite Frozen characters in a snowstorm. Now it's up to you to find and free them all! Search the North Mountain to find Elsa, as only she can calm the snowstorm. With Elsa's love and the Magical Ice Palace you can free the characters from the snowstorm and bring back summer to Arendelle. This fantastic game features a beautiful light up magical ice palace that plays fun sounds effects when children press down on the top of the palace - perfect for bringing this game to life in the comfort of your own home. To start the game, players need pick a coloured snowflake and place it on the starting space (indicated by the arrow), then the player who is chosen to start the game, rolls the dice to make their way around the decorated board. Once the player has moved the amount of spaces shown on the dice, they can pick up a card with the matching character on it and place it face up (frozen side up) and then your turn is over. This continues until some lands on the Elsa space and presses down on the Magical Ice Palace and you then watch and listen. If the palace sparkles blue and plays an elegant musical tune, then you can turn one of your character cards over and unfreeze them. But, if the magical ice palace lights up red and plays Marshmallow's roar, you cannot turn over a card and your turn is over. The first player to collect and unfreeze all of their four character playing cards and the Arendelle card (last) is the winner and has saved Arendelle. Suitable for ages 4 years +