Bayala Schleich Guest House for Elf Visitors Playset

by Bayala
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Fantastic worlds of magic, courage, spells and adventure. Bayala: Guesthouse for Elven Visitors Eyela is happy. She\'s visited by three rainbow elves. The three live in the new guesthouse, right next to the elves\' castle. The guests will feel quite comfortable, because when Eyela comes in, her guests are singing and laughing. When they see the princess, they greet her with the words: \"It is so incredibly beautiful here, all the leaves and flowers. Thank you for inviting us!\" , Individual walls can be connected in any way , Individual walls can be decorated , Faithfully modelled , Hand-Painted , Not suited for children under 3 years Set includes: 1 Schleich Guesthouse 1 Schleich Elf Sitting 1 Schleich Bird 1 Schleich Table 1 Schleich Flower Table 1 Schleich Goblet Manufacturer Article Number: 42175 , Pack contains:1 Schleich Bayala Guesthouse 1 Schleich Bayala Elf Sitting 1 Schleich Bayala Bird 1 Schleich Bayala Table 1 Schleich Bayala Flower Table 1 Schleich Bayala Goblet