Android: Netrunner LCG Democracy & Dogma Data Pack

by Fantasy Flight Games
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  • The third Data Pack in the Mum bad Cycle for Android: Net runner
  • Contains sixty cards, including a complete play set of nineteen different cards
  • Introduces a new Criminal identity, information broker Nero Severn
  • Explores each faction's response to the chaos of the Indian Union's national elections
  • New resources, assets, and upgrades focus on Mumbad's political and financial elite

"I'm on a need-to-know basis. I need to know everything." -Nero Severn. Democracy and Dogma is the third Data Pack in the Mum bad Cycle for Android: Net runner, and its sixty new cards (including a complete play set of nineteen different cards) are full of snooping, blackmail, coercion, and seedy political dealings as all the game's major players look for ways to take advantage of the chaos surrounding the Indian Union's heated national elections. At the heart of it all is the information broker and new Criminal Runner, Nero Severn, who arrives with his new console, consumer-grade hardware, and network of informants. Meanwhile, Jinteki struggles to reshape the dialogue surrounding the issue of clone rights, and Haas-Bioroid launches a clone suffrage movement and voting machine initiative to capitalize on their rival's moment of weakness. Nero Severn finds himself in a unique position to exercise his skills for gathering and monetizing everyone's dirty secrets, and there's no shortage of targets. In the heart of Mumbad's political sector, clone rights advocate Akshara Sareen, local councilmen, Jinteki' s PR division, and other players are all hard at work, vying for the population's hearts, minds, and votes.