Wonder Gears Speedway Wonder – Speedway Assembly Adventure (92 Piece)


  • brain trainer
  • available extra car with ASIN B0731MKBLL

Lets Kids Create Their Own Speedways * Each set creates over 50 combos * Each Set Comes with one car ( extra cars can be purchased separately) * Helps teach kids simple mechanics and develop problem-solving skills Kid-Friendly Design * easy-to-assemble blocks * Bright, bold colors * Stickers, road signs added for fun! What happened to the days of playing with toys that made you think, use your hands, and expand your creativity? With Wonder Gears, you can give your kids that hands-on experience once again. Wonder Gears aims to bring purpose back to toys, allowing parents to interact with children, and have fun building, creating, and imagining. Our educational building blocks and gears games help your kids expand, develop, and strengthen a variety of skills, unlike many electronic toys on the market. Our product is not only fun, but it gives you a way to spend time with your child, in a more productive and interactive way. We Build Inspiration Nothing compares to one-on-one time, making memories and building critical skills your kids need throughout life to put the iPad away – lets play! Extra car available under ASIN B0731MKBLL

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Wonder Gears


‎30.23 x 22.1 x 6.86 cm; 160 Grams


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