Wiking 7817 Combine Harvester Claas Tucano 570 Grain Attachment V930 Vehicle


  • Combine harvester
  • Claas
  • Farmer
  • The package weight of the product is : 1.8kgs

During the miniaturization of the 500 series, the APS hybrid threshing system was adopted. For example, the traditional model makers of the new Tucano have functionally designed the visually striking top emptying as a central crop advantage. Claas has thus increased the emptying capacity of the model by an average of 30% — up to 105 liters per second leave the tank. With a capacity of up to 9,000 liters, the grain tank is emptied in less than two minutes! The pickup of the clippings is height adjustable, the corresponding recording rolls rotate. The side engine covers on the body can be opened on the right and left. To simulate emptying the tank, the tank pipe can be swivelled in a radius. Of course, the grain tank can be opened at the top, giving a view of the movable snail inside. In addition, the rear engine cover can be opened, the air intake grille is rotatable. The entire combine harvester model is given maximum mobility thanks to the swinging suspended rear axle, which is also steerable. The fully transparent workstation allows you to take a look at the completely miniaturized combine harvester operation. The cabin doors are open. The ascent at the front of the cabin can be swivelled forward if required, while the mirrors can be adjusted as desired. For the first time, WIKING has clamped safety chains mounted on the front ascent, and the lower step on the ascent is also flexibly supported. Warning signs and rear lights can be swivelled for field use. The leading removable cutting unit Vario 930 features a rotating auger, while the reel and reel arms are rotatable. The positioning button is hinged. In addition, the cutting edges are adjustable. The drawbar can be swivelled by spring return, the front axle can be steered precisely via turntables. Finally, the wheel chock is removable.

Additional information

Weight 4.5568 kg





‎40 x 32 x 17.8 cm; 1.25 Kilograms


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