Wicked WKMIJ MicroJet Returning Boomerang Plane


  • Returning boomerang plane
  • Always comes back when thrown correctly
  • Loops in any direction
  • Made from soft, safe foam – won’t damage anything!
  • Includes sticker pack to personalise Microjet
  • Includes Microjet landing strip

The pocket money priced, pint sized returning trick / stunt plane – get ready for the Microjet, landing in a town near you. This summer learn how to throw your very own Microjet with pin-point accuracy and watch it return to your hands like a boomerang. With up to a four metre returning flight range, you will master your piloting skills both inside and outside, and ACCOMPLISH A PERFECT LANDING ON THE MINIATURE RUNWAY. Don’t forget to personalise your Microjet with the cool sticker set included in every pack MICROJET
Not suitable for under 3 years

Additional information

Weight 0.0975 kg



Wicked Wicked


‎1.8 x 13 x 27 cm; 0.1 Grams


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