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  • This bottle frisbee game use 2mm thicker 25 mm diameter PVC poles, ABS top platform, 2x 9” high-quality flying disc, and comes with 4 U-shape ground stakes
  • Easy To Set Up In A Minute On Pavement, Gymnasium Floor, Backyard , Lawn , Park . Or Use Included Soft Surface Spikes to Stabilize on Grass, Dirt, or Sand
  • How to Use? Make Your Opponent’s Bottle Off Pole with The Flying Disc. To Play Just Space the Poles Out Somewhere Between 20 and 40 Feet Depending On Your Frisbee Tossing Skills. Teammates Are On Opposite Sides and One Person Tosses The Frisbee While the Other Watches. To Score Points in Bottle, You Must Make The Bottle Off The Pole.
  • This Disc Toss Game Is Fun for All Ages. It Is A Very Interesting Outdoor Family Game, Enhance the Coordination of Hands and Eyes and Promote Family Relationship and Friendship.
  • Enjoy Hours of Outdoor Fun with Your Family and Friends with This Flying Disc Game,This Lawn Game is Perfect for Team Building Activities, Ideal for Endless Backyard Fun for The Whole Family, Camping Trips, Barbeques, The Beach, And Any Outdoor Event for Hours of Entertainment

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Description Flying disc game is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and improve precision. This bottle frisbee game is a popular backyard game for family activities, Catch the bottle combines throwing, catching, strategy, teamwork, Offense, and defense in almost every play. This Flying disc game can be played with 2 players or 2 teams. The object of the game is to throw your Flying disc at your opponent’s bottle to make it off their pole. Playing Bottle frisbee is easy once you get the hang of it. To play just space the poles out somewhere between 20 and 40 feet depending on your frisbee tossing skills. Teammates are on opposite sides and one person tosses the frisbee while the other watches. To score points in Bottle Frisbee, you must make the bottle off the pole. To do this you can either hit it directly or you can hit the pole. Either way is fine, but in order to score the points the bottle must hit the ground without the other teams player catching it. You can also score 1 point if your frisbee hits the ground behind the pole before the other teams player catches it. Only the team tossing the frisbee can score points and the maximum points per toss is 3. No time for standing around in this game. The first team to 21 points is the winner and you have to win by 2 pointsification: Material: 25 mm Diameter PVC Poles + ABS top platform+ PP Plastic Flying Disc Poles thickness:2mm 2x Black ABS Pole Platforms 6x Blue Main Poles 8x Blue Base Poles 2x 9” Flying Disc 2pcs White Base Connector, 4pcs White Pole Connector, 8pcs White Base Pole Cover 4x U-shape ground stakes 1x Use manual & 210D Durable Carry Bag

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