tonies 01-0164 Hearing Figure for Toniebox – The Gorilla with Sunglasses – Approx. 53 min – From 3 Years – German


  • I have been making music for children for over 35 years. It is not self-evident for me that so many children listen to my songs, dance and move.
  • My songs are used in many schools and nurseries, in children’s discos and dance schools, in mini clubs and gymnastic clubs. Running time: approx. 53 minutes
  • Put the Tonie on the Toniebox and anything is possible. Listen, learn, laugh – or dance until the walls shake! Every Tonie has its own story.
  • Each Tonie is designed with love and hand painted, yet robust enough for great fun on and off the Toniebox. It magnetically sticks to the Toniebox and tells you its story.
  • Author: Volker Rosin / recommended age 3 years and up

Tonies are hearing figures for the Toniebox. They make hearing touchable, because with them you operate the Toniebox. You can also collect them and play with them. To listen to the story, simply place the hearing figure on the Toniebox. The Tonie is the magical key to your listening experience. If you set it up, the Toniebox immediately detects it and downloads the corresponding content from the Toniecloud and plays it directly. Once fully charged, the contents remain on the Toniebox and you can listen to it anywhere, even without WiFi. 01 – The Singing Kangaroo (Kangaroo Dance) 02 – Hoppelhare Hans 03 – The Song About Me 04 – The Gorilla with Sunglasses 05 – The Mouse on Space Travel 06 – Komm, Let us Dance (KiKA Dance Alarm) 07 – Flattermann 08 Mambo Mambo 08 9 – The Pirate at 10 – Tschu Wah – The Railway 11 – Oakie Doakie 12 – Schleich wie ‘n Tiger 13 – Grashupfer and Duck 14 – Fire Brigade Gymnastics 15 – Siggi Saw 16 – Every day goes to the end

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