TickiT Sensory Touch and Match Board with Sensory Block Set Bundle


  • Personal Development – sensory
  • Physical Development – motor skills
  • Communication & Language – descriptive language
  • HELP YOUR TODDLER LEARN SHAPES AND COLOURS — Each of the four shapes (square, rectangle, triangle and semicircle) come in a single colour with 4 sensory variations for a wonderful, colourful effect. For example, squares are always red and each shape includes bead-filled, transparent solid, water/glitter and sand-filled versions
  • ENCOURAGE KIDS TO EXPLORE WITH THEIR SENSES — The bright colours, different sounds and smooth surfaces of these beautifully-designed blocks combine for an exceptional toddler learning resource
  • GREAT FOR USE WITH A LIGHT BOX — Use these Sensory Blocks with our Tic kit Ultra Bright LED Light Panel and overlay the shapes to explore colour and texture combinations

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