TickiT 85043 Bongo Set, 150 mm and 175 mm Diameter, 2 Pieces


  • PERFECT FOR HOME OR SCHOOL — Ideal for the Playroom and Schools
  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY — Helps with understanding the World around them through sound
  • MOTOR SKILLS — Improves Physical Development
  • ENRICH PLAY — Excite and Inspire Your Childs mind
  • MADE FROM — Natural hard wood
  • SIZE –150 and 175mm diameter

A Pair of great sounding, hand constructed Bongos. These Bongos are produced to a high standard, durable construction as well as producing the versatile tones needed for bongo playing – from muffled slaps to taps os made in hardwood and real skins giving two distinct tones. A perfect addition to your classroom or playroom, this percussion instrument is one of the most popular in-school instruments as they are ideal for children.

Additional information

Weight 3.7821 kg






42.4 x 22.3 x 20 cm; 2.5 Kilograms


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