Smartgames – SG 540 FR – Quadrillion – Thinking Game Of Logic And Sorting


  • 60 challenges of increasing difficulty
  • Game for one player
  • Game for the whole family.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision
This new Smartgame has 2 options for the single player: its original “classic” version has a booklet with 60 challenges that establish the 4 game grids as well as the location of certain pieces. The remaining parts will be in the free spaces solution to each challenge is in the booklet. In its “free” version, players can also build the board they want by joining the 4 grids whatever way they want. They can place all their pieces without any of the original constraints. Tips are given for building more advanced or easier boards. There are multiple solutions for each configuration, but can they find at least one?

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