Simba 105953301#myZoe, Chill Mini figure


  • # Myzoe the is the new companion for girls
  • Available in 8 different floats
  • The number Myzoe doll scene and create a Fotographieren, it simply anywhere with you, the best Schnappschuss over the social media share with friends.

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# Myzoe This is the new companion for girls. # Myzoe, the stylish and cool girls next door is a new best friend. She loves to chat, smoothies to drink and the latest fashion trends. What is naturally wherever you go – and your mobile phone, for the perfect photo. Are you pleasure with Zoe Abzuhängen? The number Myzoe toy easily anywhere with, in scene and create a Fotographieren, share the best snap shot over the social media with the friends. # Myzoe are available in a range of 8 different cool poses. # whereas fun loves e.g. can be fastened to a glass to staples # yummy a seated pose taking and can be positioned for example before your breakfast. # Myzoe is your new friend and a lucky charm, # Myzoe any time, you can wear anywhere.

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7.5 x 4.3 x 10.6 cm


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