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Shuffle Cluedo Card Game

  • Shuffle Cluedo Card Game
  • Choose between an easier gameplay and the advanced game to use your detective skills to solve the mystery and make an accusation – who did it, with what and where?
  • Includes 1 Crime Card, 15 Evidence Cards, 16 Sets of Case Files Cards, 2 Reminder Rule Cards, 6 Character profile cards and 4 telephone cards for the App game.
  • Free Shuffle App to change the gameplay and for quick start videos for iOS Devices
  • Suitable for ages 8+ and 3-4 players


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It’s all the intrigue of Cluedo, in minutes! When your 100% sure a piece of evidence was involved, get rid of all other cards. When you’re 100% sure a piece of evidence was involved, get rid of all other cards of that type. For example, if you’re sure the knife was involved, put all the other weapon case file cards face down onto your innocent pile. Bluff by asking about one evidence card you do have and one you don’t. Remember which players have seen your evidence cards so that you reveal the least amount of information possible. Pay attention even when it’s not your turn, you could learn vital clues. Accuse before you have all the evidence if you think someone else might get there before you do – but wait for your turn to do this! How to Play – Find out what’s under the crime card (who did it, with what and where) by asking other players questions. Every time a player shows you an evidence card you know it’s not under the crime card. Put it’s matching Case File card from your hand onto your innocent pile – this is like crossing things out on a Cluedo notepad. Then its time to start investigating!! The first person to solve it wins the game! Pack all this into a fanastic Cluedo card game that is quick and easy to play, gameplay lasts approx. 15 minutes. Free Shuffle Cluedo APP to change the gameplay available for iOS devices which also a quick start guide on setting up the different games. Great fun for Children, Adults, Teens & as a family game. Suitable for ages 8+ and 3-4 players
88 cards, instructions and free Shuffle app

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