Set of 3 3 pcs lamps Frisbee garden summer beach summer toy Children luminous frisbee B48


  • Cool frisbee disc lights up in the dark, therefore also great for playing in the early evening hours. Single and as a set of 3, 5 or 10. The cult trend from the USA is very fast with you. Ideal for the beach, sports field and any air. The frisbee disc has a diameter of 23 cm. A very special gift for birthdays, Easter gifts, children’s parties and much more.
  • The perfect throw and leisure fun for a trip outdoors or for holidays. Luminous frisbee disc with fun smiley in the middle. The frisbee disc stimulates movement and inspires children of all ages. Ideal for boys, girls and the whole family. A gift idea for family and holidays, holidays and a summer by the sea. A must for your outdoor activity.
  • You will also find great sand toys as a special children’s gift for many occasions. The weather-resistant plastic toy, suitable for nursery children, large and small, perfect sand and water toys. Easy to use. Put into the children’s sand box, put idea and play, with children shovels… build and have fun. Ideal as a beach toy.
  • With a great digging and water toy, children dive into their own game world. A game set for the garden. A toy from 3 years. Whether as a toddler toy, as a nursery children’s toy, this unusual game set will delight all people involved. Let the children be creative. You will find small, large, affordable and good children’s items.
  • A garden, sand and aquaplay toy for three, four , five , six , seven , or eight years. But also the siblings aged 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13 years are happy to join with them. From the water, in the pool, in the garden or in the sand. This beach toy awakens every imagination. Also suitable for paddling pools. The gift idea for new toys for digging.

Fun glow frisbee for children. The bright frisbee disc is ideal for frisbee games on the beach, on the playground or sports field, as well as for any large open space. The frisbee disc (self-luminous material) has a diameter of 23 cm. The perfect gift for activating children outdoors. -> Available individually, as a set of 3, 5 or 10 Important: Assorted colours. We cannot determine which colour you will receive in advance. Summer can come! As well as a swing, slide, excavator, children’s car, climbing scaffolding and sandpit, the frisbee is a very popular outdoor play device Other children’s toys for garden and paddling pools can be found here store store e.g. boller-cart and wheelbarrow with accessories for outdoors. Great colourful sand toy sets for toddlers Take a look at the small, cheaper toy hand cart (handcart) as outdoor play stuff, for hours on the playground and in the garden. Buy lightweight play equipment for your little ones in easy-care plastic. Order cheap sand items online with matching storage or transport options. A great addition to the existing pedal tractor for children, toy excavator for children, as well as for water games in the paddling pool or in the ball pool. Ingenious item for water games and other outdoor games Please note: Colour variations are possible Please note: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Recommended age: 3 years and over. Small parts or removable small parts included, which can be swallowed, for example. Choking hazard Please note: Use only under adult supervision. Please note: Please remove all packaging before giving the item to the child to play. Please note: The packaging bag is not a toy. Warning: Dispose of this bag immediately to avoid choking and other hazards to infants and children.

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