Screenlife Scene It? Movie Edition DVD Game


  • produced in 2003
  • 2 or more players
  • for ages 13 to adult

It’s a whole different way to look at movie trivia!Pop the game disc into your DVD player and let the movie magic begin! Timeless stars. Unforgettable moments. Classic lines and laughs. Enjoy them all in real movie clips from your favorite films as you answer trivia questions and race around the game board!Not just for film buffs!Scene it? is more than movie trivia-use observation, memory, word play and puzzle solving to answer different challenges about what you see on-screen, you may know who won the fight between Rocky and Apollo Creed, but what color where Rocky’s trunks? Don’t know? Don’t worry! You’ll see for yourself in the film clip!So if you think you’re a “reel” fan, let Scene It? put your knowledge of the silver screen to the test!

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8.4 x 26.7 x 39.9 cm


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