• For 2 to 4 crazy players ages 6 and above
  • With Lachgar guarantee
  • Promotes response
  • Einfache Spiel Regel
  • Approximately 10 minutes playing time

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision
The ultimate reaction game with Lachgar guarantee. On the glasses and sketch away. Be the first, with the open hand on the Gewürfelte icon klatscht. Looking for an appropriate part for a of your players and hanging it his glasses. Who will look could be the first player to complete crazy? Up to four players make a fun because your Gegenspielern mask parts can be hanging on the glasses and you appear so that mad. It takes a Waches head, (hands and a good response to after the cubes is the first to catch the right common card or a squeaker. If you want to slow is, will the shorter and look very fast completely crazy – to ensure the players and lots of fun mask parts. Whether Drachenohren, clown nose, Viking Helmet or monster eyes – will brighten up any section at the mask the players that extra smile. From the fun faces, making loud laugh guaranteed at this action game. The intuitive rules of the game are very easy and help little preparation directly turn it up. Winner of the game is the player who the look it creates, to the end not completely crazy. A end of the game, we recommend you is essential to make with the included Stoopido verlierer sign a circus themed photos. At the very latest then thread the win/Lose for absolute irrelevant. The amusing reaction game, where each a little to monkeys.

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