• Quick reaction game age 8 +
  • For 2 – 6 players
  • Simple game with short rules

Train your reactions through play with fun iconsn your concentration, sharpen your eyes and snap like lightning, 3 factors that form the basis for the Emoji Twist reaction game because the funny icons put everyone in a good mood, concentration comes with no effort and a lot of fun!Emoji Twist from Ravensburger convinces through its playful approach to the themes of reactions, concentration and quick perception aim of the 2-6 person game is to quickly find the icon you are looking for on an emoji card and count at the same time player who finds all the icons first grabs the right number card like a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with various icons the players spin the needlee will it stop this time?On the funny monkey, the cute unicorn or the laughing smiley?Wherever the pointer points, the amusing pictures encourage and animate both old and young players in the race to find the iconse is a total of 21 emoji cards and 11 number cards to play withematical geniuses from age 8 can prove and improve their speed in searching and grabbing when they’ve won the round with their favourite icon, they are motivated to carry on into the next round of the game with full concentration fast reaction game is great family fun, for young and old to train their concentration through play.

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