Ravensburger 20349 TKKG Gangsterjagd Gift Games


  • Bright excitement in the city of millions: a jewel thief drives its nest and has already robbed several villas! A case for TKKG. In teams, the detectives try to catch the gangster through good agreement and forward-thinking thinking.
  • Chips with two numbers are available on the game plan. They determine how far the figure standing on the field can drag in any direction.
  • In turn, the gangster and one of the two detective teams are pulled. The goal of the gangster is to rob all four villas first. The aim of the TKKG teams is to catch the gangster by reaching the exact field.
  • The tactical forward-looking chase for 2 # 4 detectives of 8 # 99 years, playing time approx. 15 # 20 minutes.
  • Includes 1 game plan, 3 game figures, 32 number chips, 1 Oscar chip, 3 gangster chips, 4 prey chips.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
Bright excitement in the million’s city: a jewel thief drives his misery and has already robbed several villas! A case for TKKG, who swarm out in two teams at night and try to grab the thief. Predictive thinking is in demand # for the player who plays the role of the gangster as well as for the players who move both TKKG teams. Number chips indicate how far can be drawn. The aim of TKKG is to reach exactly the field of the thief and to snatch it. The thief wins against it if he manages to get to the prey in all four villas. The TKKG gangster hunting is a tactical detective game for clever TKKG fans from 8 years.

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