​Polly Pocket Theme Park Backpack Compact with 2 Dolls, Accessories & Multiple Activities


  • ​Item arrives in frustration-free, easy-to-open packaging that’s 100% recyclable. For a gift-ready box, select “Ship in Amazon packaging” at checkout.
  • ​This adorable Tiny is Mighty Theme Park Backpack is shaped like Polly doll’s heart locket and features a cute purple bow and fanciful graphics! Open it to find an exciting theme park adventure including micro Polly and Lila dolls plus an ice cream cart and many accessories!
  • ​Have a blast and explore these awesome activities: Polly and Lila dolls can perform a trapeze act or ride the carousel horse (dolls clip on the poles); spin the middle fountain and the teacup, bumper cars and UFO rides really spin; ride in the pirate ship; grab a “mermaid” photo op; putt away at the miniature golf course with moving putters; and ride the roller coaster around the theme park! What a day! Now it’s time for a treat at the ice cream cart!
  • ​The Theme Park backpack has two areas that pop out—the miniature golf course and the dining court! A Ferris wheel and the big top tent also extend out and have seating that fits the dolls!
  • ​Backpack has two adjustable straps (can be removed) and a handle for portable on-the-go fun!
  • ​With all these fun activities and accessories, Polly and Lila dolls are set for the ultimate theme park adventure!
  • ​Polly Stick technology lets kids stick the dolls anywhere on the purse compact. Just place the sticker from the sticker sheet (included) anywhere and the dolls will stick to the sticker.

Can’t  wait!  It’s  time  to  head  to  the  amusement  park  and  have  a  blast  with  the  Polly  Pocket  Tiny  is  Mighty  Theme  Park  Backpack!  This  adorable  backpack  is  shaped  like  Polly  doll’s  heart  locket  and  features  a  cute  purple  bow  and  fanciful  graphics.  Open  the  Theme  Park  backpack  and  two  areas  pop  out—the  miniature  golf  course  and  the  dining  court!    Wow!  Two  other  areas  extend  out—the  Ferris  wheel  and  the  big  top  tent—both  with  seating  that  fits  micro  Polly  and  Lila  dolls!  Polly  and  Lila  can  also  perform  a  trapeze  act  or  ride  a  carousel  horse  (dolls  clip  on  the  poles)!  And  there’s  so  much  more  to  see  and  do!  In  the  middle  of  the  theme  park,  spin  the  water  fountain  to  make  the  teacup,  bumper  cars  and  UFO  rides  spin  (dolls  fit  in  the  rides);  ride  in  the  pirate  ship;  and  grab  a  “mermaid”  photo  op!  Polly  and  Lila  can  also  score  a  hole  in  one  at  the  miniature  golf  course  using  the  moving  putters  and  ride  the  awesome  roller  coaster  that  goes  around  the  theme  park!  When  the  girls  need  a  sweet  treat,  they  can  head  to  the  ice  cream  cart.  It’s  the  best  day  ever  at  the  Tiny  is  Mighty  Theme  Park!  Kids  can  wear  the  Theme  Park  backpack  (two  straps  are  adjustable  and  detachable)  or  use  the  cute  heart-shaped  handle  for  on-the-go  fun!      With  Polly  Stick  technology,  the  micro  dolls  can  stick  anywhere  on  the  backpack.  Place  a  sticker  from  the  sticker  sheet  (included)  on  the  backpack  and  the  dolls  will  stick  to  the  sticker  wherever  placed.  Take  the  Theme  Park  backpack  anywhere,  anytime  for  fun  Polly  Pocket  adventures  on  the  go!  It’s  the  perfect  gift  for  ages  4  years  old  and  up  and  those  who  love  theme  parks,  fun  rides  and  adventure!    colours  and  decorations  may  vary.
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Polly Pocket


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