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Pea Pod Babies, CIFE 41800

  • The Pea Pod Babies are already here, discover a new format of unboxing. You can’t stop touching it.
  • A sheath with three peas inside, take them out to discover the accessories, clothes and surprise characters inside.
  • Drink them with their bottles and squeeze them! Play with them in the bath, in the pool or wherever you want.
  • Dress them up with your clothes and accessories, or swap them together, the fun never ends.
  • Collect the 24 surprise babies in this collection.


2 in stock


Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision
Warning: Toy inside. Adult supervision recommended
The Pea Pod Babies have arrived, discover the surprises you will find inside. A sheath that you will not be able to stop straining keeps 3 secret peas inside. Open them and discover the multiple surprises inside them, accessories, clothes, and a little baby doll. Includes: 1 Sheath, 3 Surprise Peas, Accessories, Baby Clothes, 1 Baby Surprise There are 24 to collect, can you have them all?


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