Mattel GKV36 Creatable World Everyday Style Pack ES-826


  • ​Creatable World gives kids a blank canvas to create their own customizable characters — again and again​
  • ​With this 11-piece fashion pack, kids can style their Creatable World doll (sold separately) however they want.​
  • ​Mix and match. Add pants, a skirt, or use both. Accessorize or don’t ​
  • ​Inspired by what real kids wear, this stylish set is hot off the playground — with cool styles like plaid prints, high-top sneakers, a shark shirt, and more.​
  • ​Dress up play is made extra fun with premium details like working button snaps and real pockets. ​

​Welcome  to  Creatable  World,  where  dolls  are  as  limitless  as  the  kids  who  play  with  them  Kids  have  the  freedom  to  create  their  own  customizable  characters  with  this  doll  line  designed  to  keep  labels  out  and  invite  everyone  in.  This  11-piece  fashion  pack  includes1  “straw”  hat,  1  pair  of  sunglasses,  1  dress,  2  tops,  3  bottoms,  and  3  pairs  of  shoes.  Inspired  by  what  real  kids  wear,  these  sets  feature  fun  styles  like  plaid  print,  high-top  sneakers,  a  shark  shirt,  and  more.  The  clothes  are  also  designed  with  premium  details  like  working  button  snaps  and  real  pockets  to  make  dress  up  play  extra  fun.  Kids  can  mix  and  match  to  style  their  Creatable  World  doll  (sold  separately)  however  they  want  Collect  other  fashion  packs  and  doll  kits  for  even  more  options  and  characters  to  create  Each  sold  separately,  subject  to  availability.
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