LEGO Games 3838 Lava Dragon


  • A game of luck
  • A game for friends and family
  • Game play approximately 15-25 minutes
  • For 2-4 Players

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Prove you are the bravest knight of all by being the first one to summon the dragon from the top of the volcano. Avoid the lava and block your opponents as you climb to victory. With the LEGO Dice no two games of Lava Dragon are ever the same. For 2 to 4 players.
How to Play LEGO GamesBuild: the basic game layout using the included building instructions. Play: start by building up the dice by adding your coloured pieces to the dice (starting by placing them next to the lava tiles). Each time the dice is rolled another piece is added until the dice is full. Each time the dice is rolled thereafter, each player with a tile showing makes a move up the mountain. Watch out though, if your opponent throws a lava tile they can move one of the lava bricks to block your path. The first one to the top of the mountain and throws a lava tile, wins and can claim the dragon. Change: the rules e.g. if you throw the lava tile then you can use the lava stick to push your opponent off the mountain and they will need to start from the bottom again.

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