Larsen A34 Animals of the World, Dutch Edition, 28 Piece Boxless Tray & Frame Jigsaw Puzzle


  • GEOGRAPHY – Learn geography with our fun and educational puzzles
  • CONTOUR PIECES – The puzzle pieces are cut along borders and coastlines as far as practically possible.
  • FIGURE PIECES – Some of the pieces are shaped as fun figures to give the children something extra to look for.
  • NO BOX – The space-efficient tray and frame design does not require a storage box, making it easy to store.
  • HELPFUL TRAY – The shape of the pieces can be just as helpful as the image, so we always cut our pieces deep enough that the shape can be seen in the tray underneath.

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[Machine Translation] Check out this exceptional world wide wildlife puzzle. Featuring color-coded continents and 75 different species of animals, this wonderful puzzle will promote both your child’s scientific and geographical knowledge. Animals, including the dolphin and the sword whale, take individual frames within the puzzle tray. Selected animals in the illustration are carefully placed within the specific regions of the origin of each animal. The elephant can be found in Asia, while the moose is mainly found in North America. The puzzle consists of 28 carefully assembled pieces, each cut along borders and coastlines and is best suited for younger children.
For children older than 3 years

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