Kylskapspoesi 10001 Original Magnetic Words


  • 510 magnetic tiles
  • For fridge doors and steel surfaces
  • Flotte sayings and Poesie in your kitchen
  • Gift of the Year in Sweden
  • Any – Poesie and Lyrik in one

Magnetic Words – Small With Words magnets with help them creates new message a day will receive 510 individual magnets, printed with words and syllables, that you can attached to steel surfaces such as e.g. a fridge door magnetic words the set consists of magnetic tiles printed with all the words are, you need to get started, small (German text), fleet: sayings or short text messages enables you to charming Unsinn or soulful lyrics with the existing words put you want to see, such as simple and lovely, Can be, all you have to do is play with the magnetic words for a while and discover their own creativity course, you can create with magnetic words can your kitchen much more interesting and also distinctly personal phenomenon of magnetic words comes originally from Sweden has has been each 10 Family Magnetic Words and so this product in Sweden in the year 2000 for gift of the year the times.

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Weight 0.27 kg





13.8 x 12 x 1.4 cm


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