Kaloo – Tendresse – My First Soft Doll – Jade K, 25 cm / 9.8”, K961998


  • This is Jade K, a pretty doll just like your little one
  • Her hat and her poppy boots make Jade a modern, sensitive, original and passionate girl.
  • Elle accompagnera bébé dans toutes ses découvertes et déplacements.
  • De nombreuses finitions rendent Jade K encore plus charmante : des petits cÅ“urs coquelicots qui ornent sa jupe, une fleur sur son chapeau en harmonie avec sa robe et un élégant nÅ“ud autour du cou.

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Jade K is the most romantic member of the Tendresse range. Her poppy-coloured hat and boots make Jade a modern and discriminating little girl. Original and impassioned, she will be your baby’s companion throughout all explorations and trips. Together they will experience the happiest of adventures. Several finishes make Jade K even more charming: small poppy-coloured hearts that decorate her skirt, a flower on her hat that matches her dress and an elegant bow around the neck. You may write your child’s name on a long ribbon on the back to prevent the toy from getting lost. 25 cm, suitable for new-borns, machine washable, presented in a lovely case (16 x 7.5 x 29 cm)
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