Junior Learning JL192 Educational, Teaching Aid


  • Kids get plenty of hands-on practise building words as they learn to identify letter-sound relationships.
  • Each set is designed in a format for kids to have fun while also obtaining important hands-on practice
  • This set contains the first 6 word building landscapes. Handy flaps are beside each example with the answer underneath
  • Works with Rainbow Phonics (sold separately). The central part of the board is magnetic and letters can be placed and moved around.
  • Each board is double sided to help save the environment

Set of 6 vibrant magnetic learning landscape boards. Build words with Rainbow Phonics magnetic letters on the landscapes and follow the letter progression. Children work through each landscape to discover new letter sounds and words. Use the sound dots as cues and open the answer flaps to see if they are correct. Synthetic phonics, systematic progression and self-checking. Use with Rainbow Phonics Magnetic Letters (sold separately). Landscape board dimensions: 21″ x 10.6″ Ages 5-6, Grades K-1.
3 x doublesided magnetic boards

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