Hasbro Gaming- Jenga Fornite (E9480175)


  • It is a fun jenga game with graphic art, themes and characters inspired by the popular online video game fortnite
  • Players spin the roulette and follow the directions the number and type of blocks they must stack and how many levels their fortnite character must climb
  • Players must move their chips up and their opponents down as they remove and stack the blocks; but if the tower falls when climbing or stacking, the game is over
  • The first player to insert his chip with the fortnite character in one of the top holes of the tower wins
  • The game jenga fortnite edition is a fun and challenging game for fortnite fans

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The Jenga Fortnite Edition, inspired by the Fortnite video game, makes players strive to get their Fortnite character raises the tower with the aim of being the first to hit the top but, beware if the tower falls on a player’s turn, the game will come down spin the spinner to figure out what the next movement is how many levels you have to. Climbing and what kind block you need to stack the battle to reach the top develops as players move their chips up and those of their opponents down trying to stop the tower from falling is a magnificent game experience for fans of Fortnite and Genga alike Fortnite and Fortnite (stylized) are brands of epic games, images, elements of stories, characters, distinctive outfits or attire. OS and related designs of Fortnite 2013-2019 are owned by epic games, all rights reserved jenga is a registered trade mark of pokonobe associates Hasbro gaming and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

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