Grafix CSF Crime Scene Forensics


  • Become a crime scene investigator! Catch toy kidnappers and sweet thieves!
  • Cordon off the crime scene with yellow tape! Make impressions of shoe prints! Take fingerprints from the scene
  • Use markers to identify evidence. Measure and record details. Take public statements. Learn how to compile evidence and build a case!
  • Includes crime scene tape, impression clay, plaster of paris, evidence bags, chalk, crime scene card, finger print sheets, instructions and more!
  • Recommended for ages 5 years +

Kids who dream of being a CSI agent can learn all the tricks of the trade with this forensic science set. Aside from a pen, the forensic kit for kids includes everything a budding Sherlock needs to bring toy snatchers to justice. Elementary, dear child, elementary. The crime scene investigation kit comes with step-by-step instructions on what to do at the scene of a crime, from cordoning it off to identifying evidence. Kids can record impressions of footprints, mark out evidence and bag it up using the forensics kit provided. Once they’ve caught a suspect, kids can compare their fingerprints to those found at the scene and interrogate them like a young Jim Taggart or Fitz Cracker. With so many CSI activities for kids to learn and do, it’s a perfect present for inquisitive youngsters.

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