Global Gizmos 56060 Magic in a Box Gift Set | 6 Different Tricks | Travel Size | Kids Entertainment | Christmas/Birthdays/School Holidays, Various


  • GREAT GIFT IDEA – This Global Gizmos Magic in a Box Set includes everything you need to learn a few amazing tricks to fool your friends and family.
  • WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE? The Magic in a Box set comes with 6 different magic tricks – Cups and Balls, Dice Trick, Disappearing Card Trick, Magic Box Trick, Disappearing Handkerchief and 4 x Linking Rings.
  • IDEAL FOR – This is a perfect starter kit for any budding magicians out there who want to learn some great tricks to amaze their family and friends.
  • INSTRUCTIONS – Global Gizmos has included a handy little instructions set for each of the magic tricks so you can learn the art of magic as soon as possible.
  • GLOBAL GIZMOS – Global Gizmos has a fantastic collection of gadgets and gizmos that make for great gift ideas for both your friends and family. Search Amazon for Global Gizmos to browse the rest of the range.

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Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months

The Benross Group, provider of quality items for your home and garden.
This Pocket Sized Magic in a Box set from Global Gizmos is a great little starter kit that comes in a nice metal storage tin.
It comes with 6 different amazing magic tricks you can learn to amaze your friends and family.
Cups and Balls trickThe Classic Ball and Cup trick is when you make your audience believe that the top ball has gone through the top of the cup and appear underneath. You can also turn three balls into four!!
The Wonderful Dice trickMake the six dice go from being in a random order to all the same die or even make them go in form order from 1-6 nor 6-1.

Disappearing Card trick Make an ordinary pack of cards simply disappear!!
Magic Box trick Make a coin disappear and then magically appear inside the box.
Disappearing Handkerchief Make a handkerchief appear from out of nowhere and disappear again.
4 x Linking Rings The solid metal rings appear to link and unlink, pass through each other, and form chains.
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