Geomag GEO454- Panels Classic, 180 Pieces, 454


  • Magnetic construction system
  • Colourful rods and panels and chrome spheres
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Endless building possibilities
  • Stimulates imaginative play

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
Geomagworld SA is the manufacturer of the Geomag original branded products well known all over the world for its magnetic construction toy comprising of magnetic rods and metal spheres. All products with the brand Geomag are produced in Switzerland following the highest quality standards and are studied both to amuse kids and to stimulate fantasy, curiosity and creativity. With Geomag you can create always new constructions and models and, exploiting the incredible potentialities of magnetism, add movement and magical effects to you creations. Geomag Panels is the line where magnetic rods (58 mm) and non magnetic spheres combines with bright and transparent panels that give more rigidity, colour and appeal to the rods and spheres constructions. Triangles, squares and pentagonal panels in many different colours. This toy is suitable for 3+ kids. The box Panels 180 contains 60 silver rods, 46 spheres, 35 triangles, 25 squares, 11 pentagons, 2 square platforms and 1 pentagonal platform.
46 Steel Spheres; 60 Magnetic Rods; 35 Triangle Panels; 25 Square Panels; 11 Pentagon Panels; 2 Square Platforms; 1 Pentagon Platform

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