Bizak 35007557 HULA BULA Game, Multicoloured


  • Follow the voice command, think fast and do it well.
  • Defeat the voice commands and level switches
  • Play while you exercise.
  • Single or multiplayer

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision
Warning: Toy inside. Adult supervision recommended
Do you accept the challenge? This fantastic game uses a special hula hoop with multiple sensors and a speaker. Has different types of actions: 5¬†Commands and 4¬†levels of difficulty. Hula, Viva, Lance to air, game of memory, etc… Follow the voice commands, think fast and do it well. Each time that your body touches the sensor, hula Bula reacts and makes different sounds according to the game you are playing. You can go from level or choose you want directly. Can you complete all commands and move from level?

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