emma kites Braided Kevlar Line 100LBS x 1000FT on a Roll for Single Line Kite Flying Outdoor Living Tactical Fishing String


  • Kevlar Line is most used for Flying Single Line Kites. A snap swivel is attached for easy clip to the kite bridle.
  • LOW STRETCH! Kevlar string has much less stretch than string of other material, like nylon. This means a lot in kite control. You are able to get quicker and much more sensitive response from kite with Kevlar string, whenever you fly a delta kite or a quad stunt kite.
  • High Tensile Strength! Kevlar has a great advantage to make it outstanding in all kinds of kite string. It can concentrate same strength in much thinner and lighter body. The Lighter, the better! Two construction to your preference, twist and braid! Braid (Multi-strands interweaving process) makes the string much more solid and durable. It won’t unravel like twisted line. All yarns will still hold together even one of them are broken, making it safer.
  • Cut-Resistance! One of the best advantages of Kevlar string. It helps avoid many unexpected string snaps which happen a lot in binding and fastening objects with sharp edges. Kevlar line will much reduce your risk of losing your precious kites.
  • There is more to do with Kevlar string than you imagine. Due to its high strength, high toughness, high melt-point and high abrasion resistance, Kevlar line will do great in so many applications, like fishing, camping / hiking equipment fastening, usual mason’s line, plant support, gardening work, decoration hanging, creative projects, etc.

EMMAKITES Braided / Twisted Kevlar Line Diameter of Twisted Kevlar Line 70lbs: 0.45mm 150lbs: 0.6mm Diameter of Braided Kevlar Line 100lbs: 1.0mm 150lbs: 1.1mm 250lbs: 1.5mm 350lbs: 1.7mm Note: Measurement by hand may slightly differ. Kevlar fiber is sensitive to UV and its strength may reduce in longtime exposure to direct UV. Recommendation on how to choose kite line for your kites! Please choose the right kite line for your precious kites. This is important! Whenever you fly a kite, please make sure that the line could hold your kite and the wind. The followings are recommendations of line/kite match (kites are measured by wingspan): Kites below 3ft: 50lb~100lb Kites within 3~4.5ft: 100lb~150lb Kites within 4.5~7.5ft: 150lb ~ 250lb Kites within 7.5~9ft: 200lb~400lb Kites above 9ft: >350lb Recommendation above are for common case. However, things may vary according to different kinds of kite shapes. For example, delta kites of 6ft only needs 200lb kite line, but Rokkaku (hexagon kite) of 6ft needs 400~500lb kite line because their venting methods are so different. Also, kite spar’s material, the vent part of kites… all details of kites will lead to the consequences of how you choose kite line for your kite. The wind is also the critical part. All in all: KNOW YOUR KITES and CHOOSE THE RIGHT LINE FOR THEM!!!

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emma kites


‎15.75 x 5.84 x 5.59 cm; 49.9 Grams


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