Draco Ideas – Spain 20 Table Game (bgespa20)


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Napoleonic 20 is a game system that allows intuitive, using rules, play to a tactical wargame with very few chips (about 20) and where each of them represents armies of between 8,000 and 20,000 soldiers. You and with 4 battles, 4 magazine in a single box. We present you the fantastic series of games Napoleonic 20 of the editorial victory point games, now in Spanish. Join in a 20 piece only the two volumes of Spain, where each one contains turn two important battles in the Iberian Peninsula. That is, in a single game will have 4 decisive battles: Arapiles, Salamanca, Bailén, Battles and Bussaco. These battles have a great Replay value thanks to the letters of events, optional rules, fog of war and their game mechanics. Although this is a war game of simulation or wargame, the system is very easy to learn and the games last less than 1 hour, without losing in Realism Or strategy, always that invites to play the revenge… Number of players: 2 Recommended minimum age: 12 Time: 1 hour complexity: Medium (Low for a simulation wargame) level: High Manufacturer: Draco ideas.

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Draco Ideas


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