I learn to read


  • Learn the with 3 levels of difficulty: (1) words be Adde, (2) find letters, initially, end + (3) with words spelling
  • 15 Thematic card with 90 tasks, 90 plastic plug
  • All the words Have Been Chosen when it comes. They are a maximum of 5 letter and voices with the vocabulary of 5 line years child.
  • Practical Case: Convenient to carry
  • Self-adhesive Orrig revolving system: thanks to the colours and special back the stud

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
With ” I learn to read ‘way for children A wonderful way to reading and spelling words are chosen with care. They are made of no more than 5 letters and are one of the vocabulary of children five years and older. The special learning system helps to ensure that children of on its own practice and training sessions. Thanks to the special back letter blocks fit this only in the right place.” I learn to read ‘contains 15 cards with 90 exercises for 3 different difficulty levels: Be adde to the words, In The Beginning, Middle and Endbuchstaben, spelling of words. The activity will be packed securely by our professional team in a practical case and stowed away. Perfect to take with you ” I learn to read ‘Young Children The Chance To Home That practice, what you have learned in or at school or nursery.

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