Devir Iberia – Pathfinder Star Fragmented 2, Single (226614)


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Pathfinder Star fragmented 2: The Curse of the light of the lady is a role-playing supplement, which continues the path of adventure of the Star fragmented For The role-playing game Pathfinder. The new heroes of Varisia have been encountered with a powerful relic of the ancient empire of Thassilon; but the artifact has been divided into seven fragments. The third of them is in the wetlands thick swamps to South of the city of Magnimar, hidden in an old and high Lighthouse known as the light of the ladies. With belligerent boggards, Trogloditas monsters and other swamp Live Around The Ruins, approaching the Light will require, or stealth, or courage. But the threats that represent the Humanoides legamosos and escamosos moreover in comparison with the grey doncellas exiliadas that have claimed the interior of the light as their new headquarters, or the sinister curse that afflicts the powerful and ancient caretaker of the ruins. This volume continues the path of adventures the star fragmented and includes:? The Curse of the light of the lady, a Pathfinder adventure for characters of level 5, by Mike Shel. ? The sádicos secrets of the doncellas militaristic grey, an order that yesteryear outside ferociously loyal to an Evil Queen and derrocada, by F. Wesley Schneider. ? The secret paths, techniques without couple and the ancient traditions of TORAG, adusto God of the forge, the protection and the strategy, by Sean K Reynolds. ? Alchemy and theft with escalo daily in the Pathfinder, by Bill Ward. ? Four new monsters, by Levi thousands, Sean K Reynolds and Mike Shel.

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