CKB LTD® The Chill Out Portable Travel Inflatable Lounger with Wedge Shape Back Cushion Outdoor – Perfect for Reading in the Garden Camping and Festivals


  • The Chill Out Wedge is a versatile, inflatable lounger that can be used to relax pretty much anywhere indoors and outdoors! So just lay back, relax and enjoy. The mat is a full sized 120cm long, so you will really be able to stretch your legs out and chill. This Wedge has its own re-usable plastic wallet for storage which is similar in size to a car manual folder.
  • Due to it being so light and small it’s an easy and essential accessory to pack for trips out to the beach, camping or festivals etc. No need to worry if the ground is damp or wet, Chill out wedge has a waterproof base which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  • Inflating is easy and only takes 2 minutes by mouth or even quicker by pump, so chilling out won’t take allot of hard work, just simply squeeze the mouth piece and blow to inflate the Wedge / back part of the mat and chill!
  • The triangular design of the Chill Out Wedge will support your back at the perfect angle which makes it impeccable for relaxing at home while watching TV or for the kids to use while they play computer games!
  • The CKB Ltd Chill Out Wedge has a Waterproof PVC base and an anti–slip PVC Flock exterior for a soft, velvet like feel. The uses are endless! Simply inflate and Chill Out!

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To Inflate: Choose an area to set up, free from sharp objects or anything that could pierce or damage the Chill Out Wedge. To inflate, simply pull the stopper cap out of the valve, squeeze and blow. This should only take a couple of minutes, then replace the cap. You can also use a low pressure pump to do this, if you do please make sure that you use the correct sized air nozzle. DO NOT over inflate, DO NOT use an air compressor to inflate.
Care: Although the material and seams of this product are very strong and made to a high standard It will not stand abuse.
Standing or Jumping on the inflated part is not advisable as it could burst.
DO NOT drag your Chill Out Wedge along the floor, as it will damage the product. Keep away from objects that could cause it to puncture.
Clean with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or brush.
Allow to dry before placing away in the storage bag.
Always store your Chill Out Wedge In its storage bag, out of direct sunlight and In a cool dry place.
Indoor and Outdoor Uses:
• Music Festivals • Camping • Gaming • Children’s Bedroom • Reading or Watching TV in bed • Picnics & BBQ Seating • Garden Lounging • Sunbathing on the Beach • General Back Support
Product Sizes: Product Inflated Size: 45 x 45 x 120cm. Full length mat: 120cm long. Inflatable Wedge: 45 x 45 x 45 cm. PVC storage bag: 21 x 24 x 6cm.
Warnings: 1. This product should never be used by children except under adult supervision. 2. This is NOT a personal flotation device. 3. This product is NOT TO BE USED IN OR AROUND WATER.

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