Bolt Action Warlord Games, British Commonwealth Infantry (In Desert Gear), Wargaming miniatures


  • Scale 1:56/ 28mm
  • Required assembly and painting
  • Glue and paints are not included
  • Include: 30 plastic infantry miniatures
  • 12 years+

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Fighting for the freedom of the civilized world against the twin * threats of Mussolini’s Italy and *’s Germany, the brave men of the British Commonwealth were a multi-national force from Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Canada and other far-flung corners of the world. The British Commonwealth infantryman was a fearsome opponent whether facing the German Afrika Korps or the Italian Army, whether it be in the parched desert of North Africa or in beautiful yet rugged terrain Italy. This box of highly detailed plastic miniatures allows you to build slouch-hatted Australians, South Africans wearing sun helmets or the men of the Long Range Desert Group, Special Air Service and Special Boat Service. The special forces of the LRDG, SAS and SBS were an eclectic mix of largely non-conformist characters as befits the vital roles they played in the war. As such their attire was a mix of that of their parent unit, national pride or personal preference!

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Bolt Action


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