Blokus Trigon Game


  • ​Blokus Trigon reimagines the classic Blokus game with a triangular twist!​
  • ​The goal is to fit the most pieces on the board.
  • ​Be careful! You can block and be blocked at any moment!
  • ​Stake your claim and protect your territory.
  • ​A great strategy game for the whole family!

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​It’s a chip off the ole Blokus but with a challenging twist! Each Triangular Trigon piece you play must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners! Angles jut in every direction, so new strategies are always evolving. Think carefully! You can block and be blocked at any moment! The game ends when no more pieces can be placed down, and the player with the lowest number remaining wins! Quick to learn, challenging to master. For 2 – 4 players, ages 7 and up. Includes 1 recessed game board, 88 Trigon pieces in four bright translucent colors, and guide.​

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‎32 x 36.8 x 4.57 cm; 680.39 Grams


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