Black Powder – Late French Line Infantry (1812-1815) (28mm scale) (28) (Warlord Games)


  • Scale: 28mm – 1/56th
  • All models come unpainted and unassembled!
  • glue and paint are not included
  • include: 28lastic Infantry miniatures

En avant! The cry went up in hundreds of French throats as the blue columns marched forward on the battlefields across Europe. The all conquering French line infantry _Les Bleusê used a combination of massed columns, fast manoeuvre, and firepower to shatter the armies of Prussia, Austria, Spain and Russia, culminating in a death struggle against Wellington and Blucherês alliance at Waterloo in 1815. Well led and confident of victory, the average French soldier swept almost all foes before them, living off the land as they marched. Beyond the glory of victory over their foes, there was the chance of medals, promotion to the guard, or even acknowledgement from the Emperor himself! These models are dressed in greatcoats worn so often on the field of battle to save the smart uniform for the inevitable victory parade_ Each boxed set contains: 24 plastic French infantry (including options for adding Grenadiers and Voltigeurs) Metal command group (2 officers, drummer, standard bearer) Standard poles and finials Full colour background leaflet containing several flags.

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22.5 x 15.3 x 4.6 cm


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