Black Powder – American War of Independence – British Infantry (28mm)


  • Hard plastic
  • 30 mulit-part figures
  • 28mm scale
  • Require assembly
  • Supplied unpainted

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Box set of 30 multi-part hard plastic miniatures in 28mm scale by Warlord Games (manufactured by Wargames Factory). Require assembly and supplied unpainted. Manufacturers description: The British Redcoat of the Revolutionary War was part of a small but well-trained army, stretched all over the emerging Empire. Most of England’s gold went into maintaining a giant and hugely effective Royal Navy to dominate the seas. The infantry quickly learned many lessons in fighting the French Indian wars, and after initial setbacks proved more than capable of taking on and defeating far larger enemy forces. Devastating firepower and a grim determination to close with the bayonet made the Redcoat in America a dangerous foe indeed. The British quickly adopted a looser fighting order and the reaped the benefits of using Light and Grenadier companies for specialist assault work. “March on, and God save the King!” Contains: 30 plastic British Infantry: 24 musketeers including command group of two officers, drummer, Sergeant and two ensigns 6 Light Infantry 4-page background guide including twelve full-colour flags

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22.9 x 15.2 x 5.1 cm


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