Bizak 61924625 Cubo Perplexus 3×3 Rubik’s Cube Toy


  • 52 reels, 6 clasps, 12 ends, 1 pompom label, 1 pompom base, 2 sheets of adhesive for closure and 2 creation brochures
  • For use with Kumi kreator bracelet machine
  • Bracelets do not need knots
  • Create up to 6 bracelets
  • The manufacturer provides us with this product in random models and/or colors, it is impossible to provide you with the product in a particular model and/or color; when confirming your purchase, you will receive one of the models shown in the picture or title, depending on availability; thank you very much for your understanding

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Kit includes 52 ready-to-use thread spools There are 5 versions available: Dream, Glam, Unicorn, Ocean and Squad. With each pack you can create more than 6 unique and colorful bracelets. Select from your design book one of the stylish patterns or create your own pattern. Then count the number of thread spools following the pattern you chosen, load them into the KumiKreator, and rotate to create. By turning the handle, the reels will dance on the machine, magically knitting your bracelet in minutes. When finishing braiding your bracelet, remove it from the machine and customize it with a stylish clasp – no knots needed. Stack, wrap and share your bracelets with your best friends and mix and match to complete any outfit with accessories.

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