Bingo Lotto Game | 75 bowls | 500 Bingo cards | 150 Bingo chips | event board included


  • Use the bingo machine like a pro | With little luck you can win any session against your friends | Fun for the whole family
  • Quality: The bingo mill is 20cm high, made of metal and high-quality processed. Very solid | The 75 bowls with black number imprint can be spun perfectly
  • Equipment: An event board to put the drawn bowls on | 150 bingo chips made of synthetic material complete the bingo game
  • 500 bingo playing cards (20 x 25 cards) in a useful pad serve through many game variants for variety and much fun for young and old

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Big bingo game set with equipment and 500 bingo cards included! Very solid, black lacquered bingo mill made of metal (ca. 20cm high). Besides there are 75 white bowls with black number imprint and fitting event board, which serves as a storing place for the drawn bowls. 18 standard bingo playing cards as well as 150 marking chips made of synthetic material. In addition 500 playing cards for different game variants are included. Before the first game is played, the bowls and the chips have to be separated. Afterwards the game can begin. Bingo – The perfect game for young and old without any rules. Just have a little bit of luck and win!

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