Bicycle Cobalt (Blue) Metal Luxe Playing Card Deck – Version 2


  • 54 Poker Playing Card Deck (52 + 2 jokers)
  • Poker Cards Standard Size 62. 5 x 88 mmm
  • Embossed cardboard with Air Cushion Finish
  • Case Made of polychrome cardboard
  • Deck of Cards for Collectors, Magicians and lovers of Cardistry

Exclusively from the United States playing Card company, The patented technology gives these poker cards The ideal flexibility and durability, just like a standard rider back card. Stamped with real metal to achieve a dazzling brightness, each card presents a bright luminescence and colour. Printed on premium card stock, this cover features the brand’s classic air-cushion finish to ensure a durable, scale-free performance. Made in the United States. Bicycle is recognized worldwide for its collection of collection cards with special themes and customizations adored by a large community of collectors. The bicycle friends & family decks have a high quality in all materials, from cases printed with reliefs and special inks to the application of foil in the same cards. Always under the premise of the Brand’s own air cushion finish and with the Made in USA label, these attractive designs cover diverse themes created by renowned artists. All this makes the bicycle collection decks of bicycle not only a small treasure for collectors, but they are considered as the best decks of cards for magic and card is try.
+14 yo

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9.2 x 6.5 x 1.8 cm


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